Alternanza Scuola Lavoro


TIA FORMAZIONE is a no profit organisation that directs its action between training, planning and entrepreneurship, combining internships with work experience alternation in Italy, particularly in the Sardinia, Puglia and Lazio regions, as part of the Erasmus plus program where acts as a receiving and intermediate organism. Through the constant commitment of all the members of the association, we are active in the European field, through European projects and with the active presence in transnational networks aimed at stimulating the local and European educational and professional system.

We offer internships in all academic areas, free professional, industrial, food and wine, tourism, hotel, digital, manufacturing, marketing, finance, cinema thanks to an extensive list of companies with which we collaborate and which we encourage to get involved in European programs .

TIA FORMAZIONE organizes and manages internships, language courses and summer visits in particularly attractive and often little known areas. We cooperate in particular with small and medium-sized companies. Together with the customized programs for our trainees, we offer all the support services designed specifically for the needs of the participants. We also take care of organizing the logistics part by providing both airport transfer and accommodation, meals and support for students, as well as the organization of social and cultural activities.

One aspect that characterizes us is also the possibility to deepen the labor market through analysis of the local reality and mentoring seminars designed specifically for the participants. We also organize sessions of Job shadowing and training for staff and teachers from European schools or other organizations, always responding to the objectives of the ERASMUS + K1 and K2 actions. At the same time the staff is constantly growing as it participates in adult education programs in cooperation with other European organizations.

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TIA FORMAZIONE coordina e sviluppa progetti ERASMUS PLUS in alternanza scuola lavoro. Accoglie studenti da varie citta’ europee e ne cura l’organizzazione locale, formazione, contatti con aziende e logistica. Al momento stiamo facendo scouting di aziende, ristoratori, piccole e medie imprese nel settore digitale e turismo, start up. Se sei una piccola o media impresa operante in Sardegna scrivici, e’ possibile anche accogliere studenti in formazione per programmi di internship e trasmettere loro le competenze in un’ottica di scambio europeo e di crescita culturale anche per brevi periodi. Avrai l’opportuita’ di dare visibilita’ alla tua azienda in ottica europea e il servizio e’ totalmente gratuito.

Sara’ solo necessario registrarsi ad ECAS URF, il Servizio di autenticazione della Commissione Europea, da questo link

Del resto ci occupiamo noi.