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Brief General Presentation of TIA Formazione

Tia stands for Transformation in action and since 2011 TIA’s aim is to develop a point of convergence between different organizations (associations, institutions, etc.) focused on European themes. In the purpose of generating debates able to inspire changing process, TIA promotes several educational and informative events in a European perspective and training courses related to European matters such as European project management, European journalism, Gender equalities and many other matters.

TIA encourages young generations to the aim of being active European citizens, informing on European policies and programs’ opportunities, raising awareness on European issues, developing new professional profiles looking at European horizon.
TIA develops relations with Italian and European institutions, organizes projects and promotes events in Italy and in Europe. Projects are dedicated to stimulate change and are opened to promote a new cultural phase looking at Europe as point of reference in an international dimension.

Education, methodology, work based learning activities, Vet projects, Migration are the top topics of the organization that aims also to stress the importance of new parameters in education such as looking at talent and creativity as very important ones to train attitude and skills. TIA has given birth in this sense to TNC talent and creativity association.
Respect to migration, TIA is working on new projects which aim to focus how migration is a need of human being, its staff is working on new seminars and conferences on this matter.

In Vet projects through Hostour TIA is working opportunities for eu partners that choose Italy and Sardinia for initiatives in eu projects work based learning.

Tia Formazione has also a staff of consultants that work on regional projects to improve the access to european funds even if it has to struggle with defaults and incapacities of local management of eu funds. This is another struggle where change and transformation is necessary .